About Stretch-N-Sweat Yoga

Ashley Julie has been practicing yoga since 2002, she found it calming and vigorous at the same time. It gave her great balance during school, work and life's obstacles. It is great for breathing better throughout the day, helps with sleeping more soundly, helps shift the focus, releases stress as well is great for increasing strength and enhancing natural energy. It was the perfect combination in an exercise class. It helps with bringing focus within and allows to manage outside circumstances better in a thought out logical manner. Yoga has become a form of natural medicine for Ashley Julie and she wants to share the gift of inner peace with others. She also wants to share better health practices and kids stories to engage the youth into leading healthier lives starting young, to help prolong lives. With customized classes depending on what other's are looking for or need towards a balanced life.  
What is Yoga to Me?
It is a way of expressing holistic living. It is calming the mind to be more present and focusing on the breath and all senses of being. It is breathing in life and light into the body, creating a sense of calmness and content, lowering anxious thoughts and easing the body from tension. It is finding the balance in all aspects of life, listening to the body and mind, to know when to set boundaries, to not over do in one area and lack in another area, to ease your way our of an anxious situation or get good energy going when you’re feeling lethargic. It is finding the edge of one’s point, a place outside of the comfortable, where there is a present of progress, finding that space of challenge towards growth. As soon as that edge reaches a point where pain, overdoing or overwhelm subsides, then slightly backing off towards that growth area.
Why Do I Teach and love yoga?
I teach yoga because the practice and philosophy helped me in my life so much that I want to share that gift with others. Yoga helped me with dealing with anxiety, rather than turning to opioids which I was initially prescribed, I turned to the holistic way of yoga practice. It helped me through life transitions to make more conscientious and rational decisions rather than acting based on emotion. It helped me with not over overdoing in any area of life, where I ended up suffering. Yoga philosophy, stretching and finding that inner voice to listen to, breath and be more patient with myself and others has helped me live a better healthier life. I used to be a big-time runner and ended up hurting my knee because I didn’t stretch enough, I used to get anxiety and turn to sugary foods and not focus on breathing and being still until it passes. I know in our go-go-go society, yoga is necessary for all to manage life and self-care to take on the challenges that present, that is why I teach yoga, to help others live a more holistic and healthy life. It makes me feel good that I can make a difference In other’s life through yoga as it’s changed mine for the better. 
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  • Certified by Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara Hot Yoga TT 250 Hrs
  • Certified by Rainbow Kids Yoga TT
  • Certified by St Petersburg Yoga 500 hour TT
  • Yoga Alliance 200 hour & 500 hour YTT
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